By Dr T Kudo & Dr H Hatabu

The dramatic increase in the use of CT in recent years has brought with it growing concerns regarding the total radiation exposure
involved. Recent technological advances have made possible several methods that can be used to achieve significant dose reduction
without any clinically significant loss in image quality.

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By Oksana Lesyuk, Luís Pedro Vieira Ribeiro, António Fernando Abrantes, Patrick Emmanuel Sousa, Sónia Isabel do Espirito Santo Rodrigues João Pedro Pinheiro, Kevin Barros Azevedo & Rui Pedro Pereira de Almeida

In order to study the distribution of scattered radiation in the operating theatre, we simulated fluoroscopy-assisted hip surgery using a phantom. Measurements
of radiation were made as a function of height, distance and variation in the dose around the phantom.

By Dr L. Faggioni, Dr F Paolicchi, Dr L Bastiani, Dr D Guido & Dr D Caramella

Awareness of radiation protection and dose levels of imaging procedures among medical students, radiography students, and radiology residents: a comprehensive, single-centre study

By Wiebke Kathmann, Ph.D.

Across the globe, sensitivity towards patient safety and specifically, patient exposure to medical radiation is heavily increasing. The growth of medical
imaging procedures, as well as the rising complexity of exams under image guidance, has triggered new regulatory guidelines in the U.S. and Europe
for tracking, monitoring, reporting, and auditing radiation doses administered to patients during all imaging procedures.

By Gilles Hameury, MBA

The upcoming EURATOM 2013/59 directive requires European imaging centers to engage on the path of X-ray dose reduction for increased patient safety.
The cornerstone of the regulation is the imaging center’s dosimetry activity evaluation.

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By Dominic Siewko, MBS, CHP

The European Union is undergoing a radical transformation with regard to the radiation protection of healthcare patients and medical providers. Industry efforts
to implement radiation dose management programs to promote safety and awareness have been swift and decisive in both North America and Western Europe over the last five years, bringing in new responsibilities for both medical device imaging manufacturers and healthcare providers.

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