By Dr K Beker & Dr KJ Mortele

From the patient ‘s point of view, MRI departments are frequently characterized by long waiting periods, while from the hospital’s point of view, the actual use of the MR imaging system itself in the overall process cycle. is often suboptimal. This article summarizes the results of a recent paper describing the application of “Lean” analysis techniques to MRI
logistics. (“Lean” analyses were first developed for the analysis of Japanese car production processes in the late 1980s).

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Changes in the visual system as detected by MRI may be an early indicator of Parkinson’s disease. This article summarizes a recently published paper [1] showing that visual system alterations can be detected in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and that the entire intracranial visual system can be involved.

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This article summarizes a recently published paper [1] which found that the dimensions of the ascending aortic were significantly larger in a sample of former professional athletes after adjusting for their size, age, race, and cardiac risk factors. Whether this translates to an increased risk is unknown and requires further evaluation.

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Siemens Healthineers have introduced an impressively expanded portfolio of CT scanners. These include high-end systems for single- and dual-source imaging — Somatom Edge Plus, Somatom Drive, and Somatom Force — which introduce to the CT market the innovative FAST (fully assisting scanner technologies) Integrated Workflow with the brand new FAST 3D Camera. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, the camera automatically facilitates precise and consistent isocentric positioning of patients. By reducing unwarranted variations and avoiding scan repeats, diagnostic imaging is more precise and involves lower costs

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Six months ago, Philips announced the acquisition of the Munich-based company TOMTEC Imaging Systems who are specialised in clinical applications and ultrasound

imaging software.

Now, six months after the finalisation of their acquisition by Philips, we wanted to find out how TOMTEC were finding life as a new member and integral part of one of the biggest multinational companies in the diagnostic imaging field as a whole and with a large presence in the ultrasound business. We spoke to Johannes Waldinger, CEO of TOMTEC.

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