By Dr Benedikt Schaefgen, Marija Juskic & Dr Michael Golatta

In this article we present a novel approach to breast cancer imaging. In response to the growing importance of breast sonography and digital tomosynthesis, the FUSIONX-US prototype has been developed to enable the carrying out of both automated breast volume scan (ABVS) and tomosynthesis in one, combined workflow.

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By Prof Kwan Hoong Ng & Dr Susie Lau

In this article, we summarise our recent study in which we investigated the variability of mammographic compression parameters amongst Asian women, and also the effects of reducing compression force on image quality and mean glandular dose (MGD) in Asian women

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By Paola Taroni, Peter Godebeke, Alberto Dalla Mora, Alberto Tosi, Anotnio Pifferi, Jean-Marc Dinten, Mathieu Perriolloat, David Davery, Helene Sportouche, Bogdan Rosninski, Simon, Arridge, Andrea Giudice, Simone Tisa, Elena Venturini, Pietro Panizza, Pamela Zolda, Alexander Flocke

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Europe; it is estimated that about one in eight women in Europe will develop breast cancer before the age of 85 [1, 2]. Early diagnosis of breast cancer maximizes the chances of survival so the availability of diagnostic tools with a high sensitivity for early cancer detection and with high specificity to minimize false positive results is vital.

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By Dr C Lamoureux, Dr TN Hanna & Dr JO Johnson

With the increased utilization of medical imaging over the past several decades, efforts to optimize patient care through improving diagnostic imaging accuracy are more relevant
than ever.

More than 85 million CT examinations were performed in the United States in 2011 alone [1], meaning that even a 0.01% improvement in diagnostic accuracy could affect 8500 patients.

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By Francisco Sendra-Portero MD, PhD, Rocio Lorenzo-Alvarez MD, & Jose Pavia-Molina MD, PhD

Virtual worlds and Second Life in educational activities

A virtual world is a three-dimensional space reproduced on a computer through a specific viewer, in which the user, represented by an avatar, can move, interact with different
objects, or communicate with others in a real time environment [1,2].

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This article summarizes the proceedings of the recent symposium sponsored by Bracco Imaging at ECR 2018 on X-Ray imaging. Chaired by Prof. M Prokop, the symposium featured presentations by three experienced clinicians describing respectively the current cstatus and future prospects in mammography; the key principles in improving the use of iodinated contrast media in modern CT systems and the optimal management of patient safety and economic aspects in a modern CT unit.

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