Zero-Footprint Enterprise Viewers

Claron Technology, has introduced enhancements to
its enterprise-class NilShare and diagnostic NilRead viewers. New for both
viewers is efficient DICOM file streaming supporting integration with multiple
DICOM archives in a high efficiency cache-less configuration. The data streams
seamlessly from the remote PACS or VNA to Nil, presenting the user with the
images as they are transferred. Streaming provides a consistently fast and
responsive user experience for on-the-fly image access.  Nil also introduces support for the recently
approved RESTful DICOM web services. 


These services provide efficient protocols to
connect unrelated hospitals’ medical systems utilizing the Web, and are
expected to play a major role in cross-enterprise communications for the next
several years. With the ability to stream either from existing DICOM or through
the new DICOM RESTful services, Nil viewers continue to expand connectivity
options. NilRead and NilShare can be integrated into any DICOM network and are
available as turn-key solutions for hospitals, imaging groups or radiology
practices.  Nil uses highly optimized
client-server communication to remain responsive even over connections with
limited bandwidth and high latency, such as cellular 3G. 


Claron Technology

Ontario, Canada