Wireless digital radiography system

Konica have succeeded in creating a new technology whereby a CsI scintillator is made to contact directly with a TFT sensor panel without any protective layer in between. ‘This technology makes it possible to guide the light emitted from the scintillator to the photodiode without causing it to be dispersed at the interface with the TFT sensor. The optimal combination of the AeroDR detector using a Konica Minolta CsI scintillator combined with newly developed low noise readout ICs delivers a high DGE even at a low dose. The AeroDR Detector is the lightest FPD in the world weighing as little as 2.9kg for the 14” X 17’’ panel or 3.6kg for the 17’’ X 17” panel. It supports wireless networking which transmits captured images to the console. Technologists can easily perform non bucky exams such as table top or cross table projections. The monocoque case ensures trouble-free operation even under substantial shock or load. Since the battery is incorporated in the cassette it is unnecessary to provide the case with a notch for battery replacement which reduces the rigidity of the case. Because of this, although the cassette case is appreciably light in weight it has sufficient rigidity. Thanks in part to the buffer effect of the built-in battery, the load bearing performance of the cassette is the same as that of Konica’s CR cassette. In order to prevent the Csl crystal from being deformed by local concentration of external force, a double-glass structure is used in the AeroDR in which the Csl scintillator glass plate and the TFT panel glass plate are overlapped and sealed together. The double-glass structure not only enhances the load-bearing performance but also prevents the scintillator edge from being deformed by a mechanical shock (e.g., fall or striking of the cassette) and the TFT sensor panel glass plate from being broken. The new Aero DR can be used anywhere with the shared FPD Solution. As soon as AeroDR is registered in any X-ray room, the system is ready for immediate use.

Konica Minolta

Tokyo, Japan