Web-based advanced PA CS

Specializing in software for radiology including
teleradiology and PACS products, Voyager Imaging is an Australian- based
pioneering medical imaging company. With thousands of users throughout
Australia in government and private radiology practices, the company’s
products are now being represented throughout international markets by
distribution partners in USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The
company’s products are used by radiologists, radiographers,
sonographers, clinical and medical professionals to provide radiology
image acquisition, storage, transmission, reporting and reviewing
functions for hospitals and clinics. Product groups include RIS,
teleradiology, diagnostic workstations and PACS, supported with options
such as integration of 3rd party applications and information systems,
DICOM modality worklist and automated CD/DVD burning. Other features are
pre-emptive loading of images for fast loading for radiologist lossless
images, as well as smart imaging streaming technology for fast delivery
of images to referrers thus ensuring fast delivery and display of
images for key users connected to the Voyager PACS network.
Historically, large scale PACS applications based on legacy technology
have been expensive to purchase, implement and maintain. Recent
technological developments have enabled a new approach which is
providing a new and exciting range of products that provide a vastly
more cost effective, scalable and specific set of tools designed to
enhance the working methods. Based on these principles, the Voyager PACS
is a fully scalable and secure web-based advanced PACS and
teleradiology solution that provides image distribution to authorized
medical staff via the Internet, Intranets, ISDN and Dial- up. The system
uses the company’s proprietary client — the world’s thinnest — to
provide users with an almost instantaneous gateway to capture, archive
and distribute radiology images via a web interface. Mobile device
applications have been released that allow iPad and iPhone users to
access their patient reports and images. This application is intuitive
and easy to use, and allows fast access and viewing of images and
reports. Mac users are supported with its native Mac application for
Voyager. The software allows users the option of fully functional tool
sets in a native Mac environment, incorporating key features such as
preemptive downloading and image streaming functions for fast loading of
images for remote users. The company also provides a comprehensive
suite of radiology information system (RIS) products for radiology
practices and departments.

Voyager imaging