Vendor-neutral solutions for IT enterprise and diagnostic imaging

McKesson has introduced Conserus, a suite of flexible, vendor-neutral solutions for healthcare IT enterprise and diagnostic imaging.  The suite includes flexible quality and communication workflows, enterprise work lists driven by clinical and business logic, an enterprise image repository (VNA) and a clinical data exchange (XDS). The solution suite is designed to help healthcare providers of all sizes and complexities go beyond simple department systems and the traditional VNA, helping to orchestrate clinician and related workflow.  This is accomplished by enabling interoperability between all existing clinical systems and thereby providing timely access to all relevant patient information from within the environment of the departmental system.

In today’s complex health IT environment, an organization’s IT systems and applications can directly impact its overall operational health. Hospitals are ready to take advantage of the benefits of a modern and integrated EPR platform, yet they are often challenged by how to integrate and share information among its other key systems. The Conserus suite of enterprise diagnostic imaging solutions helps organizations take advantage of the promise of image-enabling the EPR. Now with Conserus, healthcare providers can also better adapt to changing requirements in short time frames.

Conserus works within the customer’s current healthcare IT environment to help improve imaging clinical effectiveness, resource utilisation and quality. It brings an understanding of the diagnostic imaging space from many vantage points– from the specifics of workflow in radiology and cardiology to data sharing and interoperability.


San Francisco, CA, USA