Varex subsidiary opens photon counting application and innovation centre in Munich


Varex Imaging  has announced that its Direct Conversion AB subsidiary has opened an Application Innovation Centre in Graefelfing, Munich, Germany. The facility will showcase Direct Conversion’s advanced photon counting X-ray products and provide deeper insight into how this innovative and disruptive imaging technology can benefit healthcare professionals and patients. Medical specialists, research experts and representatives from the healthcare industry will be able to discover how photon counting detectors offer sharper X-ray images at lower dose rates than conventional detectors through tours of laboratories that contain shielded and self-shielded X-ray equipment and a universal CT setup for medical feasibility studies.

Adding depth to the visitor experience, Direct Conversion will be conducting workshops, seminars and training focused on its advanced technology, as well as ongoing proof-of-principle (POP) and proof-of-concept (POC) studies.

Direct Conversion CEO Spencer Gunn explains, “I am very excited by what we have created. The customer can come in, see demonstrations using our detectors, explore integration examples and try out imaging applications of their own. This will allow existing and potential users of our detection systems to grow their confidence in our solutions and the detectors’ abilities.” Looking ahead, Gunn adds, “Direct Conversion will be able to broaden its application experience and present our detectors in their best light which means an easier route to long term customer relationships and improved services.”

Located in Munich’s “biotech triangle,” the Application Innovation Centre will allow Direct Conversion to further strengthen its collaborative work with the neighboring Technical University Munich (TUM) and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU).

Under its Ajat and XCounter brands, Direct Conversion provides innovative linear array digital detector products that are incorporated in  imaging systems used globally by a broad range of medical and industrial customers: systems used by orthodontists, orthopedic radiographers, and wider industrial applications. Direct Conversion is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of CdTe detectors.


Varex Imaging

Salt Lake City, UT, USA