Smaller format DR detector

Carestream is extending its presence in the
wireless digital radiography market with the introduction of the
smaller-format 25 cm x 30 cm DRX 2530C Detector (work in progress). The
new cesium iodide detector is designed to offer high efficiency for dose
sensitive pediatric, orthopedic and general radiology exams. The
smaller detector is designed to fit into pediatric incubator trays and
offer higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE), which can lead to lower
dose requirements than CR cassettes or gadolinium scintillator
detectors. The new detector is intended to be used with the company’s
DRX-Revolution or Mobile Retrofit Kits for mobile imaging of neonatal or
pediatric patients. In orthopedic and general radiology imaging, the
smaller detector is designed to aid in positioning for tabletop exams
such as knee, elbow, skull and other exams that require a patient to
hold the detector or requires a smaller field of view. The company is
also introducing a new non-motorized option for the DRX-Evolution, a
versatile DR system with modular components to meet space, workflow and
budget requirements. The new DRX-Evolution Standard-Q offers efficient
upgrade to DR capability at an affordable cost. The ergonomically
designed wall stand makes standing exams easier with its extensive
vertical travel range. In addition, the extra-wide Standard-Q elevating
float-top table lowers easily to accommodate stretcher.

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