Regulatory approval for ultrasound contrast agent

Bracco Imaging has announced that
Sonovue, the company’s sulfur hexafluoride, second-generation ultrasound
contrast agent has been approved by the Brazilian National Health Surveillance
Agency  (Anvisa). Sonovue has been
approved for the following indications: ecohocardiography for use in patients
with suspected or established cardiovascular disease to provide opacification
of cardiac chambers and entrance left ventricular endocardial border
delineation; Doppler of macrovasculature, to increase the accuracy in detection
or exclusion of abnormalities in cerebral arteries and extracranial carotid or
peripheral arteries by improving the Doppler signal-to-noise ratio; Doppler of
microvasculature, to improve the display of the vascularity of liver and breast
lesions during Doppler sonography, leading to more specific lesion