Rapid Radiology Test for Training Professionals

Experior Medical is UK-based company providing on-line tuition for rsdiology professionals. The company’s iPad app is designed to test skills and improve the knowledge of medical students and professionals.

Primarily oriented for the UK, the  system is nevertheless useful for all radiology professionals. Individuals can assess their abilities and compare peer ratings with ongoing assessment in radiology and anatomy. The company’s analytics and reports portal allows monitoring of user progress, the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing corrective teaching material. It is also possible to create new tests and materials and disseminate them to all users in an instant. The system allows users access to online tests, tutorials and real time feedback with access to quality learning materials and tools 24/7.

The system enables assessment of the ability of participants and allows peer comparison. With access to a huge database of validated scans, the system, which has been created  for professionals, by professionals, enables the knowldege base of future and existing radiologists to be evaluated against the clock.  No other online examination offers the individual feedback and peer group comparison. Feedback is instantaneous.

Experior Medical

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK