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3MP diagnostic displays with LED backlights

Barco has just introduced two new diagnostic display systems, the premium grayscale Coronis 3MP LED and the high-bright Nio ColorRead more

High-end training/simulation system

 The Mentice VIST-Lab is a high-end stationary simulation system which combines realism, ergonomics and ultimate flexibility. VIST®-Lab is the optimalRead more

Optical topography system

Optical Topography is a non-invasive tool for the investigation of cerebral hemodynamics using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The technologyexploits the differentRead more

Varian software coupled with Siemens linear accelerators

 Clinicians at The Ohio State University (Ohio State), USA, are now using Varian software to plan and manage radiotherapy treatmentsRead more

High performance ultrasound

Voluson Women’s Health ultrasound range  has a strong reputation for high performance – from its exceptional 2D image quality, practicalRead more