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New 1.5T MRI system

The Multiva 1.5T MRI system from Philips is designed to deliver all-round MR application capabilities with high quality and highRead more

Point of care ultrasound with wireless transducers

 The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system from Siemens is designed to meet the unique needs of point-of-care clinicians during ultrasound-guided procedures or for “quick-look” assessments. Developed withRead more

Ultra-light digital WiFi detector for pediatric imaging and extremity X-rays

Thales has enlarged its range of detectors with the introduction of the Pixium Portable 2430 EZ system, a new WiFi ultra-light flat-panel detector, whichRead more

Advanced technology for ultrasound-guided interventional procedures

The new AxoTrack Technology from Sonosite is composed of two components, namely a specialized transducer and a sterile procedure kit. Read more

Flat panel detector now available in the mid-range price segment

Siemens has introduced a new system for the mid-range price segment that can do both full-digital fluoroscopy and radiography. WithRead more