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Database of volumetric MRI brain-scans of Alzheimer’s patients now publicly available

 Described in detail in a recent paper (Malone et al. MIRIAD–Public release of a multiple time point Alzheimer’s MR imagingRead more

Overzealous imaging contributes to overdiagnosis of low-risk thyroid cancers

 A recent study carried out by the Mayo Clinic and published in the British Medical Journal (Brito et al. ThyroidRead more

Increase in pediatric CT use quantitated and cancer risk examined

The increased use of CT examinations in pediatrics is raising concerns about cancer risk from exposure to ionizing radiation. ARead more

Retinal Imaging as method of assessing risk of stroke?

Although assessment of hypertensive retinopathy signs has been recommended for determining end-organ damage and stratifying vascular risk in persons withRead more

iPad often used by radiologists as educational tool but rarely to view radiology examinations

A study published recently online in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (Berekowitz et al. JACR 2013; JunRead more