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Low back pain accounts for a third of new emergency department imaging

The use of imaging for the initial evaluation of patients with low back pain in the emergency department (ED) continuesRead more

Reduced lung-cancer Mortality with volume CT screening in a randomized trial

The joint Dutch-Belgian Nelson trial was set up to address the issue of the limited amount of  data available  fromRead more

Abnormal imaging findings key to EVALI diagnosis

Pulmonary imaging is important in the diagnosis of the acute lung injury associated with vaping, known as electronic cigarette orRead more

Deep learning approach differentiates small renal masses on multiphase CT

A deep learning method with a convolutional neural network (CNN) can support the evaluation of small solid renal masses inRead more

O-RADS MRI in difficult cases of ovarian cancer

A recently published study (Thomassin-Naggara  I et al. Ovarian-Adnexal Reporting Data System Magnetic Resonance Imaging (O-RADS MRI) Score for RiskRead more