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Non-contrast cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging can be carried out in short 15 minute exam

Supine bicycle exercise was performed with an MRI-compatible supine bicycle ergometer  secured onto  the cardiac magnetic  resonance (CMR) sliding  table Read more

Evaluating blood flow is key to early diagnosis and treatment for people with critical limb ischemia

Non-invasive hyperspectral imaging of the plantar aspect of the foot illustrating progressive improvement in oxyhemoglobin (red spectrum) in 2 separateRead more

Novel multispectral photoacoustic imaging technique accurately assesses cardiovascular risks

Images show qualitative comparison of image quality between volumetric multi-spectral optoacoustic tomographic (vMSOT) and B-mode US in two volunteers. RightRead more

Combined SPECT and cardiac MR imaging can help guide ventricular tachycardia ablation

Different colors further stratify electro anatomic  mapping (EAM) of the low voltage (< 1.5mV)  area according to voltage. Each greenRead more

How imaging could improve tumor board

A single, holistic dashboard, including all relevant data and medical images, will enable oncology teams to prepare more efficiently andRead more