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New technique may significantly reduce breast biopsies

Images in 71-year-old woman with 1.6-cm invasive ductal carcinoma (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System category 5, with category CRead more

Study provides insights on treatment and prognosis of male breast cancer

Male breast cancer (MBC) is a rare disease for which there is limited understanding of treatment patterns and prognostic factors.Read more

Combination of AI & radiologists more accurately identified breast cancer

A new study finds that an artificial intelligence (AI) tool — trained on roughly a million screening mammography images —Read more

Updated guidelines on BRCA-related genetic counseling and testing

A recent update to the USPSTF guidelines recommends that providers use a risk assessment tool for all women with personalRead more

Ultrasound yields similar cancer detection rates after digital mammography or after tomosynthesis

The Flow Chart of the study carried out by (Dibble EH et al. Dense Breast Ultrasound Screening After Digital MammographyRead more