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Internet-first impetus could connect NHS diagnostics in the UK

In the UK, the functional unit within the National Health ServiceI is the NHS trust which is an organisational unitRead more

An innovative solution tailored to the needs of modern imaging centers

A major global player in the diagnostic imaging market thanks to the established reputation of its contrast media products, GuerbetRead more

Intracranial Hemorrhage software to be integrated on Philips CT systems

The Israel-based company MaxQ AI have announced that the company’s Accipio intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) and stroke software will be integratedRead more

High-resolution 12 Megapixel color monitor

EIZO has introduced its RadiForce RX1270, a 30.9-inch, super high-resolution 12 megapixel color monitor ideal for multi-modality medical applications. TheRead more

Expanded oncology PET tracer portfolio to improve response rates to immunotherapies

GE Healthcare is partnering with multiple companies and academic institutions to develop a portfolio of targeted Positron Emission Tomography (PET)Read more