Premium portable ultrasound

The M9 system from Mindray is
based on a completely new and highly innovative platform, including its
advanced CPU hardware, its multi-channel HDR flow signal processing with
improved transmission, and its faster calculations and enhanced control. The M9
combines advanced features formerly only found in heavy cart-based systems.
Despite its compact size, the M9 boasts technologies such as Echo-Boost, LVO
with Stress Echocardiography, TTQA, UWN+ contrast imaging and Natural touch
elastography. The M9 has the added advantage of providing all these features at
the bedside, making it an ideal shared-service solution for use within multiple
clinical settings.

Equipped with Mindray’s new
generation ultrasound platform mQuadro and 3T transducer technology with single
crystal, unique Echo Boost and exclusive HDR Flow Tehnology, the M9 offers
cardiologists the most advanced and accurate performance for scanning difficult
patients. Rich in comprehensive solutions such as premium left ventricular
opacification, professional Tissue Tracking quantitative analysis, intelligent
Ejection Fraction measurement, smart doppler and dedicated off-line research
and analysis workstation UltraView, M9 is the ultimate, reliable professional


ShenZhen, PR China