Platform for enterprise imaging

Visage Imaging’s Visage 7 platform  has advanced Enterprise Imaging based on the proven ability to replace legacy PACS for imaging organizations of all sizes and local, regional or national scale. Five of the 2019-2020 top 20 ranked U.S. hospitals have chosen Visage 7, more than any other PACS. One of the key drivers of this change has been the relentless growth of datasets produced by modern imaging modalities such as large cross-sectional (CT/MR) and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), and now high-resolution DBT . These datasets, which are often combined with numerous prior imaging studies, are creating major bottlenecks for legacy ‘compress and send’ technology. “The challenges of data explosion are placing significant stress on healthcare institutions, particularly when it comes to imaging,“ explained Dr Malte Westerhoff, CTO of Visage Imaging. Dr. Westerhoff continued, “While we’ll continue to successfully scale the underlying platform to cope with the exponentially growing compute and data handling requirements, that is only one part of the solution. Continuous innovation in how the system can aid and guide users in understanding data quickly, efficiently, and reliably is also needed to allow users to benefit from the additional resolution and information contained in these growing datasets, instead of slowing them down. This involves user interface enhancements, AI-based data analysis, and seamless information exchange with other IT systems in the modern enterprise.

Visage Imaging,

Berlin Germany