Personalizing an integrated approach to CT imaging

Computed Tomography (CT)  is the back-bone and work-horse of modern medical imaging. Reflecting this central role, the numbers of CT exams carried out throughout the world continue to grow, and the technique itself continues to evolve. The rigid, deliberately standardized protocols of the past have given way to a recognition that personalization of the technique is advantageous for all concerned, with the potential to generate diagnostic images at ever lower radiation doses. Succesful personalization however requires an understanding and mastery of many interacting parameters, including scanner parameters such as  tube voltage and current setting as well as contrast medium parameters such as concentration, injection flow rate, etc.

Exactly how best to optimize CT imaging was explained by three experts in the field to a spell-bound audience at a Bracco-sponsored symposium during the recent ECR meeting. This article describes the key messages of the symposium.


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