Next generation image processing software for digital radiography

Agfa has launched the next
generation of its gold-standard MUSICA * (Multi-Scale Image Contrast
Amplification) image processing software with new technology improvements that
enhance both image quality and workflow for radiographers and radiologists. The
next generation of MUSICA uses a new Fractional Multiscale Processing (FMP)
systems to increase detail. In addition to the consistently high image quality
across all Agfa HealthCare’s digital radiography solutions and the robustness
against variations like patient size, tube quality and exposure settings, the
new version also has the advantage that window level adjustment is no longer
required, for even easier and faster image reading.


Radiologists also get more
diagnostic information from their images, with a high level of detail in the
mediastinum, sharp trabecular and cortical bone, a balanced presentation of
both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures, visualization of subtle
details in the abdomen, and a true representation of implants with clear bone


Originally launched in the 1990s, the second-generation
MUSICA version was the first medical image processing algorithm requiring no
interaction with the user to produce optimized output images. No input is
required regarding which body part has been imaged, radiographic projection,
patient position, the presence of contrast material, or anything else. All
parameters needed to produce an optimized output image are derived or
calculated by MUSICA from the input image itself. By automatically analyzing
the characteristics of each image and optimizing the processing parameters,the
saving in time and effort is considerable.