New 1.5T MRI system

The Multiva 1.5T MRI system from Philips is designed to deliver all-round MR application capabilities with high quality and high reliability. It has a 60 cm patient aperture, a large, homogenous 53 cm imaging field of view, powerful gradients and a Direct Digital Sampling (DDS) scalable 16-channel RF receiver. Combined with proven SENSE parallel imaging and new high-channel RF receive coils it is equipped to deliver superb image quality in short acquisition times.

At the heart of the Multiva 1.5T is the FlexStream workflow with new Head/Spine/Torso (HST) and 8-channel SENSE MSK coils designed for fast and easy patient set up in brain, spine, MSK and body exams. Multiva benefits from Philips’ innovative and proven technologies in both Ingenia and Achieva platforms. It includes, for example, SmartSelect functionality that automatically determines which coil elements to use for highest SNR in the region of interest.

Features also incorporated from the Ingenia and Achieva platforms are ’speed, clinical competence and robust reliability. In addition, improved features for optimizing patient comfort results in enhanced productivity. Thus there is a large Neurovascular coil for patient comfort with room for headphones, even with the top on; open-faced spine imaging with top-off operation is also possible.

The Multiva’s fundamental strength is the powerful platform that enables broad clinical coverage. Taken together, its features enable such large coverage with high quality fat-suppression, fast imaging, short breath-holds, and high resolution.


Eindhoven, The Netherlands