Multiparametric Ultrasonography of the acute scrotum

Ultrasound (US) is the imaging modality of choice in the diagnosis of acute and chronic disease in urology, especially in imaging the scrotum. An US examination is easy to perform; the method is widely available, is time- and cost-effective and does not involve any exposure to ionizing radiation. It can be carried out by general practitioners as well as in daily clinical routine. Especially in imaging the scrotum US can provide information on volume, echotexture and tissue stiffness. The technique can also provide functional information such as macro- and microvascularization. Indeed, US imaging is indicated in the presentation of acute scrotal pain and swelling to differentiate between testicular torsion, infarction and inflammation, as well as being the modality of choice when an intrascrotal mass is suspected. Advances in US technology have produced new innovative techniques for imaging the scrotum, including grey-scale US, Doppler US (DUS) and new developments such as contrast-enhanced US (CEUS) and real-time sonoelastography (RTSE). Read More

By Drs Barbara Eibenberger, Tobias De Zordo, Daniel Stronegger, Daniel Junker, Werner Jaschke and Friedrich Aigner