MR technology accelerates scan time by up to four times for improved patient experience

Physicians can now scan faster while maintaining MR image resolution with the Compressed SPEEDER technology from Canon Medical Systems. Scan times in MRIs have historically been a challenge in clinical practices, where shorter scan times are typically associated with lower resolution or a lower signal to noise ratio (SNR). To reduce acquisition time while maintaining image quality, Canon Medical’s innovative Compressed SPEEDER supports high acceleration and can be used to avoid artifacts, while maintaining resolution and SNR.

Available on the Vantage Galan 3T (pictured above) and the Vantage Vantage Orian 1.5T, the new technology speeds up MRI scan times by up to four times by reconstructing full resolution images from highly under-sampled data and shorter scans. The technology provides exceptional image quality and has great potential to help clinicians improve productivity. Reduced scan times also enhance patient comfort, which in turn produces higher quality images by mitigating patient movement caused by patient discomfort during long scans.

“In advanced imaging, generating high quality images and shortening scan times are paramount to success for both the patient and physician,” said Jonathan Furuyama, managing director, MR Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA “With the help of this new advanced imaging technology and Canon Medical’s innovative MR systems, health care experience for their patients, we can achieve this aim.”


Canon Medical Europe

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands