Mobile and web version of enterprise imaging platform



Agfa HealthCare has launched its new web-enabled mobile image management technology that brings the power of  the company’s ICIS system  to iPhones, iPads, Web, and Android mobile digital devices. The new ICIS Mobile and Web Capture enables physicians, caregivers, and patients to publish clinically relevant medical images from mobile and web based devices to a securely indexed entry within a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Doing so, the technology fosters increased physician-to-physician engagement across departments and beyond the hospital’s walls, while creating an environment that empowers patients to become more informed and involved in the care management process.

“Mobile technology is now widespread within the healthcare space with physicians frequently using their mobile phones or tablets to record patient data and connect with the EHR,” stated an Agfa spokesman . “ICIS’s new mobile and web capture technology is designed to leverage this trend to improve the delivery of care and reduce cost by uniting the convenience and immediacy of mobile computing with the power of the ICIS enterprise imaging platform. Now, ICIS enables clinicians, as well as their patients, to use mobile devices to capture, access, and index medical images and videos within the EHR.”

 “ICIS’s easy to use mobile interface also empowers patients to become involved in their medical care – allowing them to take ‘medical selfies’ as needed, reducing unnecessary and costly visits. For instance, with ICIS, a patient being treated for a diabetic foot ulcer now has the ability to produce and share relevant wound images within a highly secure application, enabling the physician to monitor the treatment progress without the need for repeated visits to an examination room.”

ICIS now combines an HTML5 Web-based mobile interface with a flexible workflow and robust metadata to allow seamless accessibility while providing scalability to meet the needs of various departments within the hospital. Leveraging the power of ICIS, the company’s  “gold standard” enterprise imaging platform, and the flexibility of ICIS View, their  web-based universal viewer, the new ICIS’s mobile and web capture technology delivers enhanced viewing, sharing, and integration across mobile platforms, of images from all sources securely accessible on a single mobile-based viewer.

Agfa Healthcare

Mortsel, Belgium