Mesa invests in Poland

Medical Equipment Solutions and Applications (MESA) is a pan-European independent service provider for clinical and diagnostic imaging maintenance service, capital spare parts, and refurbished equipment solutions for all MRI, CT, PET-CT, Angio/Cardiac and other general X-Ray systems from most of the principal vendors. With European headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, MESA brings to Europe more than 40 years of experience gained in the United States developing the third-party diagnostic imaging service and parts market.

Now MESA has announced that it will be making a strategic investment in MVS Poland to advance Pan-European multi-vendor offering for diagnostic imaging service, equipment and parts. MVS is Poland’s largest independent service company, specializing in comprehensive diagnostic imaging services, including the sale, installation and servicing of high-level imaging equipment, including those using ionizing radiation.

Resulting from a three-year relationship developing operational synergies for diagnostic imaging service and equipment solutions, MESA and MVS, have now entered into a strategic partnership that has the potential to significantly increase the commercial and operational offering of the combined entities.