Medical Imaging at the World Cup

A complete medical imaging department has been created at the Argentinian training base in the 2014 World Cup. The centre  includes  a dedicated MRI system at the training centre itself, and extends to ultrasound scanning of injuries ‘on-pitch’ if required. Esaote, the Italian-based  manufacturer of medical diagnostic systems, has helped the Argentinian team’s medical staff to establish the facility. The centre is equipped with  Esaote’s O-Scan, a small and highly efficient MRI system specifically designed for imaging extremities such as knees and ankles, and the company’s  fully portable MyLab ultrasound system.

The Argentinian team doctor, Dr Alejandro Rolon, said  “On the pitch I am able to diagnose not only the muscolotendinous pathologies but also many other bone and joint related injuries. Whilst ultrasound is the main tool, the O-Scan MRI back at the camp will confirm the diagnosis and help optimize treatment.”

Esaote, Genoa, Italy