Low-cost whole-body CT system

The Astelion Advance system from Toshiba is a new low-cost whole-body CT system for customers who require high patient through-put, advanced 3D and post processing applications and who also demand the latest in dose reduction technologies. The new system is the only entry level multislice CT system in the industry offering the same superb iterative reconstruction technique (AIDR 3D) as implemented in Toshiba’s  elite CT systems, namely Aquilion ONE ViSION. The integration of AIDR 3D into SUREExposure 3D controls means that radiation exposure is automatically reduced before the scan, ensuring the lowest possible dose for the specific diagnostic objective, irrespective of the size or shape of the patient.  AIDR 3D can be applied to all acquisition modes for routine clinical use and is able to remove up to 50% of image noise, which corresponds to a dose reduction of up to 75%.

The new compact CT system also features Toshiba’s exclusive, industry-leading Quantum Detector technology and the 16 row Astelion Advance Edition incorporates 0.5 mm detector technology for acquiring true isotropic voxels. The 0.5 mm detector elements (the smallest in current CT technology) provide razor-sharp images, ensuring fast and accurate diagnosis in all parts of the body with a lower exposure dose. Featuring navigation-guided scanning, Astelion Advance Edition is designed for operators of all levels of experience. Using unique “Double Slice Technology”, initially developed for the 320-row Aquilion ONE, the Astelion Advance Edition is capable of generating 32 axial slices in a single rotation using for outstanding spatial resolution and extended flexibility.


Toshiba Medical Systems Europe 

Zoetermeer, Netherlands