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Lenseless optical microscope on a chip uses tomography to produce high-resolution 3-D images

The resulting device is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand but powerful enough to create 3DRead more

Royal Philips Electronics and NEC LCD Technologies team up in digital pathology

Based around Philips’ new high-throughput pathology slide scanner and NEC’s e-Pathologist Cancer Diagnosis Assistance System, these innovative digital pathology solutionsRead more

VisualSonics announces next-generation in vivo imaging technology for cancer

“With photoacoustics, we can see at the molecular level what effect a drug is having on cancer cells – itRead more

Ultra-light digital WiFi detector

Thales has enlarged its range of detectors with the introduction of the Pixium Portable 2430 EZ system, a new WiFiRead more

Bracco Foundation invites applications for grant

Applications invited from young European scientists/clinicians for a research position in innovative use of diagnostic imaging techniques €150 000: twoRead more