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Advances in pediatric imaging

The need for easily operated ultrasound devices that produce high quality images is common across all radiological specialties. But theRead more

Improvement in sensitivity and specificity of readers using the next generation of mammography CAD

This article describes an independent assessment (carried out by U.S. based CRO and data collection sites in the United StatesRead more

High Definition Optical Coherence Tomography (HD-OCT) opens a window on in vivo cellular imaging through the skin

OCT: technology and current status. In vivo imaging of body tissues at the cellular level, and in a clinical setting,Read more

Personalised CT Imaging: the importance of a patient-centric approach

A highly appreciated tradition at the annual European Congress of Radiology meeting is the lunch-time satellite symposia. This year oneRead more

Not too little, not too much

The title of  the (relatively)  famous 1960s pop song, “Not too little, not too much” seems perfectly  to summarize theRead more