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Microwave imaging for monitoring adjuvant chemotherapy

Microwave tomography (MT)  provides images of tissue dielectric properties, which appear to be specific for breast cancer. MT is aRead more

European Project to develop biophotonics for Optical Screening

PET scan, CT and MRI are almost standard in today’s medical diagnostics. Laser-optical diagnosis methods are far less prevalent. DespiteRead more

Minimal Dose CT Superior to Chest X-Ray for Detection of Recurrent Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is associated with very high mortality, in part because it is hard to detect at early stages, butRead more

DR more effective than CR in detecting breast cancer

A new study in the journal Radiology shows that digital direct radiography (DR) is significantly more effective than computed radiographyRead more

MEG Imaging can predict Long-term Brain Damage

A new application of magnetoencephalography (MEG) recently published in the Journal of Neurosurgery could help predict long-term damage in patientsRead more