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Ultrasound system for pediatric assessment provides a gentler approach to imaging children

Pediatric care is evolving. Because advances in pediatric medicine are helping children overcome once-fatalconditions, clinicians are more and more ableRead more

COVID-RADS: a proposal for a COVID-19 imaging reporting and data system (COVID-RADS)

A recently published paper [1]  proposes a  comprehensive lexicon for the description of the imaging findings in COVID-19 disease andRead more

Construction of a machine learning dataset through collaboration

An unprecedented collaboration among two medical societies and over 60 volunteer neuroradiologists has resulted in the generation of the largestRead more

Bracco launches global “BRACCO CARES” initiative

Bracco Imaging has announced a new initiative known as BRACCO CARES: a non-promotional program designed to support the healthcare communityRead more

Experts issue guide on lung cancer screening management during COVID-19

A new consensus statement from an expert panel has been published jointly in the journals Radiology: Imaging Cancer, Chest andRead more