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Integrating technology into the breast care continuum can enhance patient experience

By Lori Fontaine There are many steps in a breast cancer patient’s journey, from a routine screening mammogram all theRead more

Standardizing compression in mammography

Belgian hospital implements pressure-based mammography compressionsystem which avoids both over- and under-compression, increases reproducibility and minimizes patient discomfort. The BreastRead more

AI improves efficiency and accuracy of digital breast tomosynthesis

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of an advanced imaging technology used to screen for breast cancer,Read more

AI -based reading of breast tomosynthesis images: the experience of a dedicated private women’s imaging center in Athens, Greece.

Situated in Athens, Greece, the Delta Digital Imaging Center is a privately-owned clinic which has a well-established reputation in theRead more

The growing recognition of the impact of breast density

With an estimated 562,500 new cases per year, breast cancer remains the most common cancer impacting women across Europe [1].Read more