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Can digital breast tomosynthesis replace full-field digital mammography?

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Breast screening with MRI using abbreviated protocols

By Dr. I Daimiel, Dr. R Lo Gullo, Dr. K Pinker-Domenig, Dr. E Morris Mammography remains the most widely employedRead more

Minimizing radiation dose in coronary CT angiography with diagnostic imaging quality in routine investigation of coronary artery disease

By Dr CE Richards & Dr DR Obaid The potential for cardiac imaging and evaluating coronary artery disease (CAD) non-invasivelyRead more

Optimisation of the intensity of lung cancer screening by Low-Dose CT

By Dr M Silva Lung cancer screening by low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) in high risk subjects improves survival. This canRead more

Utilising DICOM metedata to improve radiology workflow

By Mr. I A Talati & Dr. R W Filice As the need grows to provide patient-centered care that isRead more