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Sprial breast CT: an innovative technology for high resolution real 3D breast imaging without compression

By E Bärnklau-Gooriah, V Ruth, Dr. C Steiding & Dr. D Kolditz Even when using images acquired by the latestRead more

Promising AI-based approach to lung pathology and foreign body detection in the chest

By Dr. D Blinov, Dr. E Zhukov, Dr. V Leontiev & Dr. E Blinova Introduction. Chest X-ray is the mostRead more

Ultrasound elastography in clinical routine and research

A highly reputed Greek institute describes its experience with hepatic and non-hepatic applications of ultrasound elastography As its name suggests,Read more

Breast MRI at reduced gadolinium dose

By Dr. A Melsaether This review is a synopsis of previously reported work on reduced-dose contrast-enhanced breast MRI, originally publishedRead more

Using education to overcome unequal access to supplemental screening for women with dense breasts

By Dr. A Vourtsis & Dr. W A Berg Mammography has been proven to reduce deaths due to breast cancerRead more