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Utilising DICOM metedata to improve radiology workflow

By Mr. I A Talati & Dr. R W Filice As the need grows to provide patient-centered care that isRead more

Non-invasive 3D imaging of the human cartoid artery with volumetric optoacoustic tomography vMSOT

By I. Ivankovic & Prof. D. Razansky The majority of ischemic strokes are caused by atherosclerotic carotid arteries, specifically inRead more

CAD-RADS: a new era in coronary CTA reporting

By Dr. S. Ramanathan Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the leading causes of death and of disabilityadjustedlife yearsRead more

Efficacy study of CT-FFR software using 3D printed patient-specific coronary phantoms

By Dr LM Shepard, Dr. KN Sommer, Dr. E. Angel & Prof CN Ionita In the last decade 3D printingRead more

Coronary CTA enhanced with CTA-based FFR analysis provides higher diagnostic value

By Dr. M Kruk, Dr. L Wardziak, Dr. M Demkow, Dr. C Kepka Invasive coronary angiography (ICA) remains the goldRead more