Laser Doppler Imaging : a clinimetric tool for determining burn depth?

The accurate measurement of burn depth has challenged clinicians, as the correct diagnosis is important for the prompt management to optimise scarring and functional outcome [1]. Jackson’s burn wound model initially described the three zones of a burn [2] – the zone of coagulation (permanent cell necrosis), stasis (potentially reversible damage) and hyperemia (reversible damage). These zones can progress in either direction depending on the promptness of management. Clinically burns are often classified as superficial epidermal, superficial dermal, deep dermal and full thickness [3]. Superficial epidermal burns heal within seven days leaving no scars, superficial dermal burns are painful, deep dermal burns are insensate and full thickness burns are leathery white and insensate [4]. This article reviews the clinimetrics of laser Doppler imaging (LDI) in assessing burn depth. Read more

By Dr Parneet Gill