Image comparison software

Blackford Analysis, a provider of software products which accelerate comparison of medical images, has announced that its Smart Localizer product is now available.

Designed for users of Philips picture archiving and communications systems, including Philips iSite 3.6 and IntelliSpace 4.4 PACS, the Blackford Smart Localizer facilitates radiologic comparison of imaging findings across MRI, CT and PET/CT studies by automating volume registration of current and prior imaging studies before the radiologist reads. The software is designed to overcome the differences that typically exist between comparison studies performed on different modalities and by different vendors. “Our goal is make people aware of the potential that imaging has to create value throughout the healthcare enterprise,” said Dr Ben Panter, CEO, Blackford Analysis. “Whether to boost throughput in the radiology department, help improve physician satisfaction or enhance patient engagement, Blackford’s technology can help organizations leverage the value of imaging across many segments of modern healthcare.” The Blackford Smart Localizer can increase radiologist productivity by 10-20% per study, when reading comparison studies. For particularly challenging exams, such as lung nodule comparisons, the productivity increase may reach 50%.


Blackford Analysis

Edinburgh, Scotland UK