Image Acquisition, Mini-PACS systems supports DR Imaging

Designed to serve the needs of urgent care, imaging centres and physicians’ offices, Carestream’s latest version of Image Suite software offers a flexible image acquisition, processing and storage platform that now supports Carestream’s wireless DR as well as CR imaging systems, and an optional mini-PACS. Image Suite offers Web-based patient scheduling, image review and reporting, and flexible archiving solutions. It is suitable for urgent care centres, imaging clinics and a broad range of physicians and specialists, including orthopedists, podiatrists and chiropractors. The flexible platform is particularly suitable for users who want to move from CR to DR or from film to digital imaging. The software offers the same user interface and workflow for both modalities, reducing training time and making the transition easier. Existing Image Suite users can upgrade to DR technology with a minimal investment because they keep the same console and software platforms and just add a DR detector and license.


Carestream’s optional mini-PACS delivers advanced reading and reporting tools—and the new software also delivers the ability to view imaging studies on mobile tablets such as iPads in select countries outside of the U.S. The system also supports a wide variety of specialty measurement tools including Lippman-Cobb angle, goniometry and coxometry.


Other new Image Suite software upgrades include: vendor-neutral exposure index value for each image so technologists can see if they are within the exposure range. Hardware and software that can automatically acquire Data Access Point (DAP) and technique information from multiple vendors’ generators and DAPs. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and supports transfer of images to OrthoView software for pre-operative orthopedic planning and templating. Image Suite also features the new Carestream’s OmniLink Software that can provide secure Web-based transmission of imaging studies and deliver many of the capabilities of a virtual private network at a fraction of the cost. OmniLink Software enhances the sharing of images by offering rapid transmission speeds, high-level security features, and the ability to compress and encrypt files for transmission. This software notifies the sender and receiver when an imaging study is received and alerts the sender if the file is not received. It also supports transmitting image to a PACS using cell phones or mobile devices for healthcare facilities.


Image Suite systems provide DICOM storage for MR, CT and ultrasound exams and reporting software allows users to create, edit and view reports attached to studies. Users can output imaging exams to CD/DVDs, DICOM printers and other PACS systems.



Rochester, NY, USA