Handheld real-time personal ultrasound system

The Signos RT system, developed and manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia by Signostics, is the company’s second generation portable handheld ultrasound device, utilising cutting-edge technology to give users the critical ability to view ultrasound images in real time. The world’s smallest and most affordable completely portable ultrasound system, Signos RT features unique patented technology and an award winning design to provide a completely portable, lightweight, hand-held ultrasound device for point-of-care use by medical personnel in a number of clinical settings. These include primary care, rural and remote, maternity and midwifery, bladder scanning, emergency and intensive care. It is also suitable for a wide range of veterinary applications, primarily aimed at companion animals.

The pocket-sized ultrasound device, often worn around the neck like a stethoscope, offers real-time imaging capabilities for quick and simple point of care applications such as e-FAST scans, pneumothoraces, AAA screening, bladder volumes, basic pregnancy assessments and ruling in obvious pathology.  The system helps medical practitioners to visually assess a patient at the point-of-care more efficiently than ever before and rapidly produces  high resolution images to assist clinicians in assessing patients and improving health at a price much more affordable than conventional cart-based and portable ultrasound systems available in the market today.

With its Head Office in Adelaide, South Australia, where it was established in 2005, and offices in Palo Alto, California,  Signostics Limited is an international medical device company with a vision to be the world leader in providing clinicians with small, fast and affordable handheld tools for use at the point-of-care. Signostics launched its first generation


Adelaide Australia