Fusing MRI with Ultrasound images — a tool to enhance ultrasound education and improve clinical ultrasound

The clinical use of Musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound (US) has increased significantly largely due to its diagnostic accuracy for many indications and its significantly lower cost than other cross-sectional imaging modalities. In the United States in 2009 radiologists interpreted 91,022 MSK ultrasound studies compared with only 40,877 in 2000 [1]. MSK ultrasound has excellent resolution for soft tissue applications, making it a good choice to diagnose conditions such as partial or full thickness tendon tears, nerve entrapments, muscle strains, ligament strains, joint effusions, etc [2]. However, despite its rising use, there is a relative lack of formal training in MSK ultrasound for both residents and fellows, leaving few musculoskeletal radiologists with specific expertise compared to their generally more robust experience in musculoskeletal MRI.


By Drs A Vollman, R Hulen, S Dulchavsky & M van Holsbeeck


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