Flat panel detector now available in the mid-range price segment

Siemens has introduced a new system for the
mid-range price segment that can do both full-digital fluoroscopy and
radiography. With this 2-in-1 functionality, the new Luminos Fusion with
flat panel detector technology allows more effective use of fluoroscopy
equipment in routine medical care. The flat panel detector enables
faster treatment and patient throughput compared to the mid-range image
intensifiers that have been available up to now. and which meant a
time-consuming process. Taking an X-ray has traditionally meant
inserting, removing, and replacing film cartridges. And since the
cartridges have to be developed in a laboratory process, patients have
to wait longer for results. The Luminos Fusion system with flat panel
detector technology is different. Its 43 x 43 cm image surface provides
fulldigital, distortion-free X-ray and fluoroscopic images within
seconds so that with accelerated treatment, patient throughput can be
increased. The higher quality images generated by the flat panel
detector give radiologists a better diagnostic foundation than
traditional film-based images.. The flat panel detector also takes up
less space than image intensifiers and makes it easier for medical
personnel to approach the patient Since fluoroscopy patients typically
need to fast before an examination employing contrast agents, for
example, appointments are generally scheduled in the morning. A 2-in-1
system like Luminos Fusion is available in the afternoon for X-ray
imaging, so the equipment can be utilized at greater capacity.