Consistency in head CT examinations

HealthLytix is a company which develops quantitative medical imaging solutions that leverage machine learning. The company has now released their CT CoPilot product, which seamlessly integrates into existing workflow to improve radiologist efficiency, measurement accuracy, and clinical confidence by automatically generating consistent views of head CT exams. It also provides automated quantitative measurements and subtraction series to increase conspicuity of change between exams. Dr. Nikdokht Farid,  of the Neuroradiology Division, UCSD, CA, USA, said that CT CoPilot “quickly and automatically provides correctly aligned images, which enables me to read head CT scans faster and more confidently. It has increased my productivity and has become indispensable in my interpretation of head CTs.”

Studies performed at UC San Diego have shown that CT CoPilot can improve reader certainty by 23% when determining increased ventricular volume and by 14% when determining decreased ventricular volume. Related research showed that CT CoPilot reduced the average radiologist interpretation time by 73% when assessing for change in ventricular volume, without sacrificing clinical accuracy.

We recognized that the dramatic increase in radiologist workload is driving the need for greater productivity while maintaining clinical confidence and diagnostic accuracy. ”, says Nathan White, CTO at HealthLytix.  “We expect CT CoPilot to be well received by neuroradiologists and those who rely upon CT scans to manage trauma patients

CT CoPilot will be available commercially in early 2019.


San Diego, CA, USA