Comparing Histologic Prognostic Features of Invasive Breast Cancer With Mean Stiffness Using ShearWave Elastography

By Prof Andy Evans


A recently published study [1] was conducted by the author and colleagues comparing the prognostic value of histologic features of invasive breast cancer for the lesion’s mean stiffness as measured by ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™). The quantitative measurement of a lesion’s stiffness can be achieved, in kilopascal with SWE, during a routine ultrasound breast examination. Two published studies have already demonstrated SWE to be accurate in helping the differentiation of probably benign and probably malignant solid breast masses, with a very high level of reproducibility. The technology therefore holds promise as a diagnostic tool for women who are recalled because of mass lesions at mammographic screening as well as with symptomatic masses.

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