Cardiovascular ultrasound system

GE Healthcare has received the CE mark for the latest version of its Vivid E9 Cardiovascular Ultrasound system which now features XDclear technology. The new Vivid E9 with XDclear is designed to enhance image quality in 2D, 4D, color and Doppler, aims to shorten exam time and enhance diagnostic confidence in the adult and pediatric echo labs, during interventions or in the operating room, as well as for shared services. In a high-stress setting like the echo lab, interventional suite or the OR, conducting an ultrasound examination on a patient who is difficult to scan can result in not only an increased scan time, but additional anxiety for the patient and physician. GE’s recent development in acoustic engineering combining Single Crystal, Cool Stack and Acoustic Amplifier technologies make the XDclear transducers the company’s highest performing transducers. The new system offers a comprehensive probe portfolio of adult, pediatric, vascular and abdominal imaging probes which are well suited to the cardiovascular and shared services needs of many departments. The XDclear technology enhances low-level signal display in 2D and M-Mode, and combines high color sensitivity with high frame rates, by leveraging parallel beam forming power. For fetal heart imaging in particular the result is deep penetration without any sacrifice of resolution.

GE Healthcare

Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, UK