C-arm with high operability and image quality

The new Opescope Acteno C-Arm system from Shimadzu enables free and easy positioning and optimal performance to meet the demands of the operation room and emergency room. The total system guarantees both high image quality and ease of use. The fully counter-balanced C-arm provides extra-light and quick C-arm movements and positioning and the exclusive manual C-arm vertical movements enables much quicker height adjustments in routine operation. Shimadzu’s unique C-arm lock/release button at the image intensifier the C-arm to be positioned from the clinician’s side without going back to the cart-unit. The enlarged 78cm wide opening of the C-arm makes approaches to the patient easy, minimizing the chance of contact with the operating table. On the other hand, the small width of the system of just 80cm makes it much easier to move through narrow doors or to position it in busy operation rooms which are frequently already encumbered with many surgical devices. The absence of levers and cables on the C-arm makes it easy to wipe and keep clean.



Tokyo, Japan