Bone suppression X-ray Technology

Carestream’s existing image acquisition software offers the ability to create companion images from an original X-ray exposure that can enhance visualization of tubes, PICC lines and pneumothorax. “Radiologists and physicians in trauma and ICU areas have praised the quality of these images and their importance to the prompt diagnosis of injured and ill patients,” .

The new dose reporting feature is intended to streamline the collection of dose information from Carestream CR and DR systems and support the ability to track dose values for each patient. The new software will also allow a single console to support one CR and one DR system—or two CR systems—from Carestream to help boost workflow, save valuable space and lower costs. Users will be able to identify CR cassettes or DR detectors, view patient demographics and review images from one console for both imaging systems. The software will also offer other workflow improvements. The new software is designed to support both CR and DR systems to smooth the transition to digital radiography for imaging centres, clinics and small hospitals and also offer the advanced image visualization and dose reporting capabilities that are in demand by hospitals and other healthcare providers worldwide


Rochester, NY, USA