AI-powered image enhancement for digital radiography

Over more than 35 years of industry-leading expertise, ContextVision’s cutting-edge technology has supported clinicians in their accurate interpretation of  medical imaging. ContextVision’s latest product, Altumira has been specially designed to meet the demanding needs of digital radiography, and addresses the significant challenges of durability and the maintenance of high image quality that have been difficult to solve up till now, including:

• Varying exposure conditions between patients

• A wide variety of image characteristics and requirements for all types of anatomies

• Varying dose and intensity levels, as well as organs and collimators in motion in dynamic sequences

The new Altumira system is designed for all digital radiography systems, from plain X-ray to the most advanced angiography systems. “We can now provide greater contrast and resolution in parallel with intelligent noise suppression and harmonized intensity levels also for low-dose fluoroscopy as well as in high-quality angiography sequences,” said Ann-Sofi Hoff, Marketing and Product Portfolio Manager, ContextVision. “With our next-generation image enhancement, we’re bringing great value and confidence to both manufacturers and radiologists, providing them the highest image quality in every exam.” This new product represents the latest extension of  ContextVision’s present product portfolio of state-of-the-art image enhancement for 2D/3D/4D ultrasound, MRI, X-ray and mammography.

ContextVision’s success is built on extensive technological and application knowledge paired with a broad technology platform,” said Fredrik Palm, Vice President of OEM Business, ContextVision. “Deep learning is a natural fit and we’ve now incorporated it as a core technology. We are relentless in our pursuit of R&D and product development to continuously spearhead the medical image processing and image analysis field with invaluable products.


Stockholm Sweden