6MP single monitor

With 6 megapixels, the RadiForce RX650 monitor from Eizo provides enough space to simultaneously display multiple radiological images and can replace a dual-screen solution with 3-megapixel monitors.

The size of the monitor allows users to organize images on the screen as they choose. Ideal for work processes in radiology, without the bezel that is unavoidable in a dual-screen configuration. The RadiForce RX650 single-monitor solution also takes up less space than two monitors. The luminance characteristic curve is set during production in accordance with the DICOM standard to ensure that tone value differences are displayed correctly. A front sensor integrated into the monitor’s bezel (IFS) is used for precise and easy calibration without the need for any additional external sensors. The integrated sensor reduces the maintenance costs associated with image quality assurance.

The LED-backlit LCD module gives   consistently high and stable brightness  and there is a palette with 68 billion colours for precise colour display (max. 10-bit). A light sensor measures ambient light at the diagnostic station and a presence sensor means the monitor is ready for immediate use whenever the user is in front of it


Tokyo Japan