Editor's Choice

Breast screening with MRI using abbreviated protocols

By Dr. I Daimiel, Dr. R Lo Gullo, Dr. K Pinker-Domenig, Dr. E Morris Mammography remains the most widely employedRead more

Can digital breast tomosynthesis replace full-field digital mammography?

By Dr. D Georgian-Smith & Dr. T Mertelmeier This article summarizes the results of a recent trial to evaluate whetherRead more

The effect of mammographic screening modalities on the assessment of breast density

By Dr A. Gastounioti This article summarizes the results of a recent study which investigated the variation in BIRADS breastRead more

The Robots are coming !! or are they already here ?

By Dr Ioannis Sechopoulos   Deep learning-based artificial intelligence has been shown to be as good as radiologists reading mammograms,Read more

AI-based Computer Aided Detection decreases false positive mammograms

By Prof. RC Mayo In the previous decade, multiple studies showed variable ability of computer aided detection (CAD) systems toRead more

New artificial intelligence method predicts future risk of breast cancer

A new tool has been developed using advanced AI methods to predict a woman’s future risk of breast cancer [1].Read more