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Are the initial benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) sustained?

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Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) in the evaluation of breast calcifications

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“LIBRA”: a publically available software solution for fully-automated mammography density assessment

By Dr. A Gastounioti, Dr. O H Maghsoudi, Dr. C Vachon, Dr. E F Conant & Dr. D Kontos  Read more

Radiation doses and risks in breast cancer imaging

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Could the coronal view in automated breast ultrasound help in the breast screening of women with dense breast ?

By Dr. Simone Schiaffino, Dr. Gianmarco Della Pepa and Dr. Andrea Cozzi In this article we describe an evaluation ofRead more

The reasons for the decrease in breast cancer mortality in many populations — adjuvant therapy or screening mammography?

By Dr. RC Burton The modern era of breast cancer treatment began in the 1970s with the USA National SurgicalRead more