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COVID-RADS: a proposal for a COVID-19 imaging reporting and data system (COVID-RADS)

A recently published paper [1]  proposes a  comprehensive lexicon for the description of the imaging findings in COVID-19 disease andRead more

Imaging reveals bowel abnormalities in COVID-19 patients

Patients with COVID-19 can have bowel abnormalities, including ischemia, according to a newly  published study [1]. The virus responsible forRead more

Study involving large number of women shows early mammography screening lowers risk of developing fatal breast cancer

A recently published analysis of more than half a million women in Sweden reveals that mammography screening reduces the ratesRead more

Atypical manifestations of COVID-19 mean that non-chest CT scans can uncover unsuspected pulmonary disease

Scans carried out for non-pulmonary indications reveal unsuspected respiratory findings in patients with COVID-19 presenting with non-respiratory symptoms. As everyoneRead more

Recommendations for infection control and personnel protection in CT exams of COVID-19 patients

Infection prevention and personnel protection in CT examination rooms is vital with COVID-19 patients. A group of radiologists from Shanghai Read more

Experts issue guide on lung cancer screening management during COVID-19

A new consensus statement from an expert panel has been published jointly in the journals Radiology: Imaging Cancer, Chest andRead more