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Impact of Breast Density on breast cancer risk stratification

By Dr. S Destounis  Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in US women. With over 40,000 women dyingRead more

The effect on interval cancer rates of the use of an AI-based algorithm

Screening mammography in women of appropriate age is widely accepted as an important strategy in the continuing reduction of theRead more

The challenges and opportunities for radiology departments in the COVID pandemic

By M Kanyasa, T Lumeyu & H Ali This article describes the experiences and challenges faced by the radiology departmentRead more

Evaluation of a combined automated breast ultrasound and tomosynthesis system

By Dr Benedikt Schäfgen, Marija Juskic & Dr Michael Golatta The FUSION-X-US-II is the latest prototype version of a systemRead more

Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms for chest Xrays

For several years now, the private radiology practice of MVZ Prof Dr. Uhlenbrock situated in the Ruhr area of GermanyRead more

Pressure-based breast compression guidance in digital breast tomosynthesis

By Dr. M G J T B van Lier, Dr. J E de Groot, Dr. S Muller, Dr. G JRead more