Tera Recon & Volpara Solutions - Tech Update January 2018

TeraRecon has announced the release of version 4.4.13 of their iNtuition software, bringing over 175 new feature and workflow enhancements to its best-in-class advanced visualization platform. Volpara has launched two new products designed to hel maintain consistent quality in breast  Read more

Artificial Intelligence permeates RSNA exhibit floor

By Greg Freiherr The biggest buzz on the RSNA 2017 exhibit floor was about the widening role of articifial intelligence (AI) in radiology. Products on or near the market were displayed by exhibit floor veterans and newcomers alike. Read More   Read more

An NHS-wide cloud for healthcare diagnostics in the United Kingdom ?

By Jane Rendall In the United Kingdom, the state-funded National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare services throughout the country. An NHSwide cloud for sharing diagnostic images and intelligence across the health service could mean huge economies of scale, stronger co  Read more

Toshiba Medical now part of Canon

As of the 4th January 2018 the imaging business, formerly known as Toshiba Medical is now an integral part of the Canon group. In Europe the company will now be known as Canon Medical Systems Europe. While European radiologists are very familiar with the former Toshiba medical imaging business,   Read more

Bracco Imaging acquires SurgiVision

Bracco Imaging, a leading global company in diagnostic imaging, recently announced the acquisition of the Dutch company SurgVision, a high-tech start-up focused on a real-time Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery platform based on the combination of targeted imaging agents and a device for the effi  Read more

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