Addressing the big challenge in ultrasound imaging

Siemens Healthineers has announced the launch of its new ultrasound system, the Acuson Sequoia, which was developed as a general imaging ultrasound system to address one of the most prevalent challenges in ultrasound imaging today: the imaging of different sized patients with consistency and cla  Read more

Philips signs two major long-term strategic partnership agreements in Germany

Philips has signed two long-term strategic partnership agreements with hospital groups in Germany. The Cologne Clinics group (Kliniken der Stadt Köln) and Philips signed a 15-year partnership contract, under the terms of which Philips will be responsible for the delivery, upgrade, replacem  Read more

From compliance to efficiency

Multi-modality Radiology Information Radiation Dose moniotoring systems - Optimization Tools The EURATOM 59/2013 Directive laid down basic safety standards for protection against the dangers of patient exposure to ionizing radiation and introduced changes to previous dire  Read more

Total-body PET/CT scanner provides fast, improved imaging

The new total-body PET/CT scanner could revolutionize our understanding and treatment of disease through analysis of better imaging data from the whole body. In a recent paper (Cherry SR, et al. Total-Body PET: Maximizing Sensitivity to Create New Opportunities for Clinical Research and Patient   Read more

Manganese-based MRI contrast agent may be safer alternative

A team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston USA has developed a potential alternative to gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In their recently published report the team describes experiments in a primate model   Read more

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