Swissray records first sale of newly introduced affordable MRI system

One of the big announcements at the recent RSNA meeting was that Swissray —already well-established as a developer and supplier of high quality digital X-ray imaging systems — was branching out into a new field for the company, namely that of MRI. And to prove their intentions, S  Read more

Innovative Workflow Solution Built on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis at Prestigious French Cancer Center

Situated in Villejuif, south of Paris, the Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR) is France’s largest cancer center, an international referral center for oncology, and an integrated center for patient care, research, and teaching. IGR is designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the French Nat  Read more

Mammography radiation dose constant despite variation in compression

A recent paper from Norwegian researchers described their analysis of the breast compression levels and radiation dose used in mammography screening in the context of the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program. (Waade GG, et al. Compression forces used in the Norwegian Breast Cancer S  Read more

World's first total-body PET scanner takes a big step forward

The UC Davis-based EXPLORER consortium, whose aim is to build a revolutionary total-body PET scanner, has announced the selection of two industry partners to help build the prototype device. They are United Imaging Healthcare America, a North American subsidiary of Shanghai United Imagin  Read more

Large-scale study shows increasing breast density significantly impact breast cancer screening performance

In the first large-scale study of its kind, Dutch researchers demonstrated a strong linear relationship between decreased screening performance and volumetric breast density. Involving more than 110,000 mammograms from the Dutch Breast Screening Program the study showed that increasing vol  Read more

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