Brain bleeding detected by MRI years after incidents of high altitude sickness

Altitude sickness occurs when the body cannot get enough oxygen from the air at high altitudes. This causes symptoms such as a headache, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. It happens most often when people who are not used to high altitudes go quickly from lower altitudes to 250  Read more

Significance of second trimester ultrasound markers for Down’s syndrome

A new analysis has found that some second trimester markers for Down’s syndrome that are detected by ultrasound are more telling than others (Agathokleous M et al Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2012 Dec 3). Screening for Down’s syndrome is offered to all pregnant women in most Wes  Read more

Repeat MRI screening for breast cancer results in fewer false positives

MRI screening for breast cancer delivers consistent rates of cancer detection and fewer false-positive results over time, according to a new study published online and in the April print edition of Radiology. While MRI can be more effective than mammography at identifying  Read more

Visage Imaging receives award

Based on its recent analysis of the medical imaging informatics market, the leading market analysis company Frost & Sullivan has recognised Visage Imaging with the 2010 North American Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Innovation of the Year Award. Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this   Read more

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